Does your bathroom sink take minutes or even hours to drain? Has a clogged shower drain become a plumbing emergency?

Grease, grime, soaps and detergents can build up over time and cause blockages in household drains. Apollo Drain & Rooter Service Inc. provides the most professional drain cleaning and drain maintenance services in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington areas. Whether it’s from buildup of grease or debris, our technicians can clear the most difficult drain or clog. Contact us about our preventative maintenance programs for sinks, shower drains and plumbing fixtures.

Repair and Maintenance

After diagnosing the problem, we employ a number of professional techniques to clean and unclog your drains, like the following:

  • Snaking. Also known as cabling, we snake a coiled metal wire down the pipe while we rotate on our end to unclog drains.
  • Hydro-jetting. When greasy, insolvent substances build up in your pipes, we use a high-pressure water jet to clear away the blockage.

We also offer 24-hour emergency service. For all your drain cleaning and unclogging needs, contact Apollo Drain & Rooter Service Inc. today at (503) 239-8801.