Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) Portland, Oregon

Since 1984, Apollo Drain has provided PDX Metro with full-service drain-cleaning, plumbing and excavation. However, excavating a property is not always an option. What can be done to fix the problem? Apollo Drain and Rooter Service has the answer: a lateral pipe lining system known as cured in place pipe (CIPP).

Need the simple, fastest, most environmental-friendly solution to replace or repair old pipes?

Certified cured in place pipe company, Apollo Drain and Rooter Service, restores sewer/drain service in 3-4 hours, and ideal fix for historical or modern properties.

This state of the art technology was recently used on the restoration of the historic Sentinel Hotel in downtown Portland. It saved time, money, and beautiful marble walls.


Heritage districts like Portland’s tree-lined Laurelhurst and Grant Park Neighborhoods are local examples where CIPP lining permanently replaces old pipes. Installation of cured in place pipe liner utilizes existing access points, ensuring minimal or no damage to buildings, landscaping or government property. Expect no dangerous trenches cutting off customers or guests.

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  • CIPP Lining Provides a new seamless joint-less pipe that is equivalent to a new PVC Pipe.
  • CIPP Lining Provides a permanent fix for root intrusion, grease buildup, groundwater infiltration and structurally deficient pipes – all without digging.
  • Strong and durable lining with minimum thickness assures increased flow.
  • Repair pipes right the first time! – The Lateral Liner system has a 50 year service life.
  • New pipe is installed with little or no damage to existing driveways, buildings, landscaping or city property.
  • New pipe is installed in less than one day and you are not left with unsightly trenches.
  • Other applications include pool drains, roof downspouts and ventilation pipes.
  • Mini robotics to reinstate Tie inc. , Y connections.

Searching for a reliable, local Cured In Place Pipe company?

Being certified installers means Apollo Drain and Rooter is one of the only companies in Oregon specifically trained to use and install CIPP. Careful preparation and strict methods are the only way to prevent costly wrinkling or slipped liners. Work by our screened, 3-4 person teams has always included a satisfaction guarantee. Repair of common plumbing issues like structurally deficient pipes, root intrusion or water infiltration can often be done in less than a day.

Looking to be a greener business or responsible neighbor?

If you are interested in conserving landscaping, or concrete areas such as driveways, this is the solution for you. Preserve historically significant trees, federally-protected buildings and memorial gardens.

Cured in place pipe services are zero-dig, which protects existing root systems. This enables property owners to maintain watersheds, urban tree canopies and public green spaces, even beloved family roses.

Efficient customization and installation result in less waste and materials by lowering costs and environmental impact. CIPP lining is the savings solution for homeowners and municipalities.

See how it works!

CIPP Pipe Test

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Apollo Drain & Rooter Service Inc. is the only certified installer of the Zero Dig, Lateral Liner CIPP System in Oregon. We specialize in (but are not limited to) sanitary sewer and drain rehabilitation via cured-in-place-pipe. Licensed LMK Technologies Service Provider.

What is Cured In Place Pipe? How does it seal imperfections and prevent future problems?

Our expert techs introduce the resin filled latex lining into the service line and inflate it to fit the host pipe. Then the liner is cured, usually within several hours. To get the general idea, imagine a frosting-filled pastry bag pressured through a drinking straw.

Each part of the CIPP lining is video inspected before, during and after the fascinating cure process. CIPP lining is equivalent to a new PVC pipe, with a 50-year service life, instantly replacing existing damaged pipe. Durable CIPP is non-corrosive and assures increased flow. Approved and used worldwide, CIPP services can also repair storm drain and pool drains.

For more info about CIPP services contact us for electronic scheduling or at (503) 239-8801. We also provide 24-hour emergency services.