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CIPP Environmentally Friendly Pipe Repair

No-Dig Pipe Repair Is an Eco-Friendly Solution

CIPP environmentally friendly pipe repair causes minimal disruption. CIPP uses a flexible liner that’s inserted into an existing pipe. Old pipes remain in place. They are made stable with a new pipe within the existing one.

CIPP doesn’t require digging. It rehabilitates pipes that are plagued with roots, cracks or holes. With CIPP, cured-in-place pipe, repairs are finished quickly. Installing CIPP won’t damage sensitive land or historically important properties.

Traditional Pipe Repair Is Destructive

When a sewer breaks it must be repaired. Once, the only method was to dig up and replace the pipe. Digging could entail tearing up streets, blocking access to businesses and inconveniencing residents.

Excavation upends neighborhoods and creates garbage for landfills. Trenches are dangerous for workers and bystanders. There are times when excavation is necessary. Fortunately CIPP and other trenchless technologies provide an alternative.

CIPP Environmentally Friendly Pipe Repair Preserves Land

Many pipes travel through or near areas such as wetlands, woodlands and wildlife preserves. Beneath some of these seemingly untouched areas run the infrastructure of modern life.

CIPP environmentally friendly pipe repair may be an option for sewer repairs near natural areas. This technology needs only one or two access points. In most cases a clean-out or manhole can be used for CIPP.

No-dig methods have advantages whether the goal is preserving natural areas or a carefully landscaped yard.

Is CIPP Safe for Pipes?

CIPP creates a material that is the equivalent of PVC pipe. The liners are made from a woven material. The material is treated with a resin that is cured after installation.

Older plumbing systems used materials that have proven unstable and toxic. For instance, galvanized pipes and lead solder are known hazards. Many municipalities have replaced these types of pipes. Some older homes may still contain dangerous materials. When CIPP is installed, it creates a barrier to toxins in old pipes and solder.

Is It Important to Hire Technicians Certified in CIPP?

Training and experience matter in this specialized type of work. Apollo’s Certified CIPP Technicians are trained and experienced. A properly configured cured-in-place pipe may last for 50 years or longer.

Contact Apollo Drain today for high-quality, professional CIPP installation.

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