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CIPP Reinstatements

What Is a CIPP Reinstatement?

CIPP reinstatements restore connections to pipes that branch off from mains repaired by CIPP. CIPP works by lining damaged pipes with a flexible material that hardens into place. After a CIPP repair, the lateral connections of the pipe are covered until technicians reopen them with a cutter.

The technology for this trenchless pipe repair has been around since about 1971. It has grown in popularity because it fixes pipes without the need to dig.

Why Does CIPP Require Lateral Reinstatements?

The CIPP liner is inserted into a damaged pipe through a clean-out or manhole. The liner is expanded with air or water to fill the existing pipe. The liner seals off connections and makes them temporarily inaccessible.

When CIPP technology was new, one of the challenges technicians had was figuring out how to reinstate connections to the main pipe.

What Is the Best Way to Reinstate a Connection?

Robotic cutters are the most efficient way to reinstate lateral service lines to a CIPP pipe. By sending robotic cutters into the pipe, technicians can restore the service connections without excavation.

Before the robots get to work, the pipe has to cure. In many cases, CIPP takes just 3-4 hours to harden. Finding and cutting through to the connections requires precise measurements. No one wants to make a mistake and cut in the wrong place.

If a pipe has many branches, reinstating the connections could take longer than the CIPP installation. However, the entire process is quick compared to digging up and replacing a pipe.

How Do Robotic Reinstatements Work?

The robotic cutters are fitted with video cameras and blades. As the robot makes its way down the pipe, the technician watches the video on a monitor.

The robot may be sent into the pipe to measure and mark connections before the CIPP is installed and again after the pipe is cured.

Accurate measurements ensure the technician knows where to cut through the finished CIPP. When the robot reaches a lateral connection, the technician operates the cutters to open the connection.

High-speed rotary blades make a rough cut at the center of the connection. Another type of attachment may then be used to finish the opening. Video, robots and a skilled technician ensure that the cuts are accurate.

Certified CIPP Technicians Repair Portland, Oregon Pipes

While advances have made trenchless pipe repair possible, not all plumbing and drain companies have the expertise for this type of work. Apollo has a team of Certified CIPP Technicians. Our technicians are experienced and highly trained.

Call us for a free estimate on CIPP installation.

Apollo Drain is known for professional, thorough work. This long-time Oregon plumbing business takes care of both residential and commercial plumbing repairs.