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CIPP Robotic Cutting

What Is CIPP Robotic Cutting?

CIPP robotic cutting carves out service connections after CIPP installation. A CIPP robotic cutter travels down passages that are too small or dangerous for humans to enter.

These mini marvels are outfitted with video cameras and blades. The cameras allow a technician to see and control the robots as they restore full function to the new pipes.

Why Are Robotic Cutters Needed?

CIPP robotic cutting is the best way to reinstate the lateral or service connections in a newly formed CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) system. Robot cutters allow technicians to access the new pipe without digging or destruction.

CIPP is formed by a flexible lining which hardens in place. The lining repairs damage in the old pipe. One of the advantages of CIPP is that the new pipe doesn’t have seams. This jointless construction eliminates weak points.

Cracks, holes and leaks are repaired with this trenchless technology. However, connections, such as those that carry water or waste to or from a main, are also covered during installation. Some pipes don’t have connections, but for those that do, a robotic cutter will restore them.

How Does CIPP Repair Work?

CIPP repairs damaged pipes without digging or destruction. CIPP uses a combination of old-fashioned plumbing skills and high-tech methods to create a liner that hardens into a new pipe a few hours after installation. The procedure is quicker than traditional types of pipe replacement. Here’s how it typically works:

  1. A technician examines the pipe with a sewer camera. The camera is inserted into a clean-out, an opening used to access pipes.
  2. The camera is pushed through the pipe and sends video to a monitor. The technician watches the video looking for damage, clogs and other information.
  3. The technician will recommend the best course to repair the pipe. The pipe may need to be cleaned before its condition can be accurately assessed.
  4. If CIPP is the best way to repair the pipe, technicians will prepare a lining and insert it through the clean-out. No excavation will be required.
  5. The liner is inverted with water or hot air. The resin-saturated material is cured using heat, light or steam.

Robotic cutters travel down the new pipe. High-speed blades safely cut through the CIPP to allow movement through the service connections. After the first rough cut, the robots may use a different attachment to refine the connections.

CIPP creates a pipe that will last for 50 years or longer. It’s a method that’s safe, economical and causes less inconvenience than methods that require excavation.

Why Choose A Certified CIPP Technician?

Apollo Drain is certified to install CIPP trenchless systems. Our technicians have the training and experience that ensure the job is done right. CIPP uses a number of special technologies that require knowledge and skill.

Call us today to get in touch with the best CIPP technicians in the Portland, Oregon area.

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