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Michael Keaton

michael keaton head shotBorn September 5th, 1951, as Michael John Douglas, the youngest of seven children. He would need to change his name in order to register with SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and because there was already a famous actor named Michael Douglas. He flipped through a phone book and stopped at the letter K. He saw the name "Keaton" and decided to use it.


In 1975 he worked for the Mister Rogers Children's TV show as a production assistant operating, "Picture Picture" and also playing the role of one of the "Flying Zookeeni Brothers."


He has 89 movie credits to his name. Some of his more popular movies have been, Mr. Mom, Johhny Dangerously, Beetlejuice and of course, Batman. He was the first actor to reprise the role of Batman in live action movies. There was a bit of an uproar regarding the casting, as many didn't think he was right for the role. He would go on to prove them wrong and become one of the most popular in the franchise. He also did some voice-over work doing the voices for Ken in Toy Story 3 and Chick Hicks in Cars.


Fun Fact: Michael Keaton dated actress Courtney Cox and I think it can be assumed that they were more than just "Friends."


"I never really thought about being famous. I always wanted to be good. That's all I really ever wanted to be, was good at what I did. When I go to work, I want to see how good I can get. And that's the great thing about my job - it's a never-ending quest." ~Michael Keaton


michael keaton


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