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Thomas Crapper

Apollo's Celebrity of the Month - January 2021 - Thomas Crapper

What a legacy this man has! Thomas Crapper, whose inventions changed everyone's lives, was a legend. Born in West Riding of Yorkshire in 1836, he lived until 74 years of age, passing away in 1910. He was an English businessman and a Journeyman Plumber. Even though he did not actually invent the flushing toilet itself, he made enough substantial improvements that he is often credited for the creation. And of course, his name immediately makes one think of toilets as one of the common nicknames is "The Crapper."

Thomas Crapper & Co. was founded as a sanitary equipment company. He held nine patents, and one of his inventions that are still used today is the Float Valve, which helps to keep the water in your toilet's tank at a safe level. He also designed Water Closets (early flush toilets), Manhole Covers, Pipe Joints, and the famous U-Bend, which replaced the previous S-Bend.

Thomas was also a supplier to the royal family, having received many Royal Warrants for his services.

He was the first man to set up public showrooms for bathroom supplies, showing off his brand of working toilets for the general public to view.

Some of his manhole covers are still visible to this day in London.

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