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What is the Cost of Trenchless Pipe Lining in Portland

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Pipeline repair isn’t what it used to be. Now, instead relying on educated guesses to find the exact location of a blockage then digging up property to address the issue, companies like our team at Apollo Drain & Rooter Service are using trenchless pipe lining for many repairs. It saves on costs of labor, it saves on clean-up, and it saves your lawn. But what exactly is trenchless pipeline repair, and what can you expect to spend on using it to fix your home or business’s lines?

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What is Trenchless Pipeline Repair?

As technology has evolved, so have our options for pipeline repair. Trenchless pipeline repair utilizes the most up-to-date techniques to save our customers time and added expenses. Relying on three main methods, all based around drilling a small hole into the ground and piping, this system is designed to address pipe clogs and leaks with perfect precision.

Camera Inspection

Replacing the relative guesswork of traditional pipeline diagnostic methods, camera inspections now allows us to identify the exact size, location, and nature of a pipeline issue. A small camera is inserted into the pipe and guided through until the cause of the issue is found. Generally, this process takes no more than half an hour and gives us the information we need to craft an effective plan of action.

Pipeline Cleaning

If debris or organic matter are found in the line, our next step is to conduct a pipe cleaning session. In most cases this is accomplished by a method called hydro jetting, which uses a strong stream of clean, potable water to blast the clog away. We use a multi-directional nozzle that shoots water at 3,500 PSI into the pipe, effectively removing even the most stubborn of clogs. Because there are no harmful chemicals used, your pipes are kept safe from damage and later erosion and you can feel good about the lack of environmental pollutants.

Epoxy Pipe Lining

Once all debris and blockages have been successfully removed from the line and the pipe is clean, we can begin the process of repairing or reinforcing it. To accomplish this, we start by evenly applying a coating of epoxy resin to a specially designed, inflatable tube. Then, using the same hole we drilled for the cleaning and camera inspection, we insert the tube into the portion of the pipe that needs repair. Once in place, a bladder inside the tube is inflated with compressed air, molding it to the pipe and setting the epoxy resin in place to seal off any damage or corrosion. The bladder is then removed, and the epoxy resin cures over the course of a few hours creating a durable new pipeline interior.

Traditional pipeline repair methods involve digging up the ground surrounding the pipeline to access and replace the existing structures. Depending on the pipe’s location, this can mean customers will end up spending hundreds of dollars repairing the damage this excavation has left. Trenchless repair, in contrast, does its work from above ground using only one small hole which can reduce or eliminate the need for surface reconstruction.

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Benefits of Going Trenchless in Portland

Most Portland residents strive to be as friendly to the natural environment as possible, and we at Apollo Drain & Rooter Service are no exception. By utilizing trenchless repair methods, we both protect the land and greenery surrounding our worksites and reduce our landfill contributions. Instead of digging up and disposing of old pipes, trenchless repairs use and fortify existing structures and remove clogs with clean water instead of harmful chemicals.

Moreover, the steeping slopes and tree-rich roads that characterize much of Portland and its surrounding areas contribute to higher instances of pooling and tree root blockages. Trenchless solutions quickly and cleanly fix these issues, while leaving the surrounding environment intact.

How Much Can You Expect to Spend?

The costs of pipe repair are dependent on the size and scope of the project. Generally, trenchless pipeline repair will cost between $80-$250 per foot of pipe. For a larger project this creates a large range in final costs, so we’ll examine exactly what determines where your project might fall on that scale. The three most important factors considered when creating a quote are the size of the existing pipe, its condition, and how easily accessed it is from above ground.

Existing Pipe Size

Your existing pipe’s diameter directly impacts the cost of materials almost as much as the length of pipe to be serviced. Simply put, smaller pipes require less epoxy resin while larger lines require more, so a narrow pipe will reduce the cost of your project by needing less money for materials.

Pipe Condition

If your pipe is relatively new and clean save for a single crack or blockage, repairs are fairly straightforward; however, when longstanding issues like scale build-up or multiple points of corrosion are present additional steps may be needed. Descaling older iron pipes, for example, can take anywhere from one hour to a full day – and that labor will impact your final payout.


A pipe located just a few feet below soft ground will be easy to access. A 15-foot-deep pipe beneath concrete, however, will take more tools and more time. Additionally, access to some pipes is obscured by the presence of subsurface utility lines, which can complicate the process of drilling into the pipeline. To access a highly covered or partially blocked pipe, more precision will be required and man hours will necessarily increase - contributing to the overall cost.

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