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Catch Basins Installation and Service

Apollo Drain offers servicing and installation of Catch Basins. Drainage systems need a method to collect and direct water to pipe systems. Catch basins allow pipes coming from different directions and elevations to meet at one place and can move surface water to subsurface pipe flow.

Performing routine maintenance can not only increase the flow of your catch basin, but can reduce the risk of flooding during winter weather, reduce mosquito hatches, and debris blockages.

Apollo drain offers steel catch basins uniquely chosen for each project.

Catch basins are designed to funnel away the frequent Northwest rainfalls to keep your business and home safe and dry while maintaining a healthy environment. This includes collecting water runoff from car washes and water flow in addition to managing the water flow into the city sewer system to prevent flooding. Catch basins also collect sediment and pollutants so that these troublesome materials don’t contaminate water supplies. With all of these important functions, catch basins suffer from foreign material buildup over time, which can result in blocking the water flow and reducing the basin’s effectiveness.

At Apollo Drain and Rooter, we have highly trained technicians who are experienced in caring for catch basins, and we’ve ensured that they’re equipped with the best tools to complete every job as efficiently as possible. We’ve been serving the Portland area since 1984, so we’ve cleaned hundreds of catch basins and are familiar with all the frequent problems that crop up in our unique area. You can count on our expertise and commitment to excellence to restore your home’s or business’s catch basin to service quickly.

If you’re experiencing flooding around your catch basin, the most likely cause is excessive sediment, grease, and debris buildup in the catch basin compartment. We have high-powered vacuum trucks to extract the collected debris, each supplied with long attachments that can reach your catch basin no matter where it is, including along the street, in the basement, even out in the middle of the yard. Our skilled technicians work quickly and efficiently so your drains will be restored in a short time.

You don’t have to wait until you have a problem to have your catch basin cleaned. Many businesses and homeowners in the area schedule regular catch basin service to ensure that they never have to deal with flooding due to a clogged basin. A semi-annual inspection and catch basin pumping will prevent most flooding, especially in the winter when drains in the Portland area experience the heaviest use. A clean basin also discourages mosquito spawning and reduces the likelihood that pollutants will slip into the water supply. Catch basin pumping is affordable and quick, so it’s an excellent way to maintain a strong, healthy environment.

Catch basin pumping may also be required to stay in compliance with Portland stormwater management regulations. Catch basins are required to be cleaned twice and year and maintain 50% conveyance, which means your catch basin should never be more than half filled with debris. If you live in the City of Portland, we can help you develop an affordable catch basin maintenance program to ensure you meet the requirements.

For fast, affordable catch basin pumping in Oregon and Washington, you can trust Apollo Drain and Rooter. We have the right tools and best technicians to clear away blockages and restore your catch basins to optimum efficiency.

At Apollo Drain and Rooter, we value every customer and we never want you to forego important maintenance because you can’t afford the cost. We offer financing options to help you better budget for your catch basin maintenance, so you never have to worry that you’re out of compliance with regulations. We’re here with the right tools and best technicians to keep your catch basins working at peak efficiency. Call today to learn more about how we can help you!

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