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Hydro Jetting Sewer Lines

Water jetting cleans sewer lines quickly and efficiently with high-velocity water pressure. The streams of high-pressure water, emitting from the forward and reverse jets in the nozzle, propel the hose through the line to remove such debris as scale, silt, sand and grease.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro Jetting is a process in which your sewer pipes are scrubbed by streams of high-pressure water shooting from a hose at up to 3,500 psi.

This is the most effective process to clear and clean pipe. Also, with special root nozzles, we can clean and clear most of the roots, rust and debris to prepare the line for possible CIPP reinstatement. Hydro pressure can be regulated to accommodate specific drains like kitchen sink, floor drain, storm or drain systems and main sewer lines.

We have portable electric systems for inside your home or business and large gas and trailer unites for exterior issues. This system not only clears the drain but cleans the drain. it is more of a long term solution.

How does Hydro Jetting work?

Hydro Jetting is typically done through an opening called a cleanout, which is a small opening in every plumbing system designed to allow plumbers to easily “clean out” debris and other clogs. The machine used is called a Hydro Jetter consisting of a large tank of water, a high-pressure hose, a high-strength nozzle, and a machine which pressurizes the water in the hose so that it can spray at a rate of up to 3,500 psi

When would I need Hydro Jetting?

Hydro Jetting is an appropriate solution when clogs cannot be removed through traditional rooter services. Issues such as stubborn roots in your sewer lines or debris deep inside your plumbing system.

Ask us about the different-sized hoses and pressure systems we use for your drains! Call today 503-239-8801

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