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Municipal Drain Cleaning

Municipal Drain Cleaning Portland

Clogged drains are incredibly frustrating when discovered. They prevent municipal facilities from using toilets or sinks when they are needed most.This is especially important in restaurants and school systems, where sanitation is held under extreme scrutiny for the safety of the public. If blockages are a constant problem in such areas, this could point to a much larger issue in the underground systems as a whole.

Should such problems arise, professionals are needed to ensure the safety and sanitation of the buildings the problem is residing within. This is where Apollo Drain and Rooter service steps in. Running in operation since 1984 we are the lead in Portlands trenchless sewer repair, maintenance and cleaning thanks to our expert sewer technicians. Our technicians are fully licensed and professionally trained to provide you with expert care at every visit. When you give us a call we guaranty our professionals will arrive on time, ready to get the job completed, and have facilities back to normal as soon as possible.

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Clogged drains are common occurrences in the home. Over time hair, grease, soap scum, dirt and debris or any other materials can infiltrate drains. This can leave blockages that slow or halt water flow and render your pipe lines blocked off and useless. Other factors that can lead to a clogged drain are: employees or students flushing items down toilets that are to be disposed of elsewhere, using too much toilet paper, allowing grease to be dispensed in kitchen drains rather then a catchment system or running un-approved items through garbage disposals.

Most clogs are easily taken care of in offices and schools but can lead to damage over time in the sewer pipe walls. Reoccurring problems are signs of something greater happening and while on site managers can ignore them and clear up reoccurring clogs constantly, eventually it will lead to a costly repair rather than a small fix. With our care, all buildings can have a perfectly running sewer system free of any problems.

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Our team is dedicated to getting your sewers back on track to being in tip top shape. We first inspect your pipes with sewer cameras that have the specialized ability to move around the drains. This will accurately pinpoint a problem and where it is located. Next, we decide on how to best solve the problem.

One way to unclog a blockage is to you an industrial drain snake. This snake is flexible but becomes rigid when confronted against a hard surface, like a clog. With steel brushes on the sides, the twisting and turning action of the drain snake loosens and removes the blockage. This is especially effective on hair, grease, or debris clogs. For difficult blockages that may be much more durable against a drain snake, hydro jetting is used. Hydro jetting is the release of pressurized water against a blockage within a pipe, effectively eliminating it. Often times this is the best course of action for tree root infestations as roots can be very difficult to get rid of. By blasting away the roots with pressurized water pipes are left extremely clean and ready for any additional work needed.

Oh course, drain clogs aren’t entirely unavoidable even for the most prepared janitor. This is why those in need turn to Apollo Drain and Rooter. Give us a call to discuss scheduling or prices today.

Apollo Drain is known for professional, thorough work. This long-time Oregon plumbing business takes care of both residential and commercial plumbing repairs.