Has your garbage disposal come to a grinding halt? Does it make more noise than it used to due to loose or broken parts?

disposal_repairContact the garbage disposal repair and installation experts at Apollo Drain & Rooter Service Inc. Since 1984, we have replaced and serviced disposal units for our customers in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington areas. With the most high-tech tools, training and products on the market, our professional team can quickly diagnose and fix any clog, leak or broken unit.

Garbage disposals sit between your sink’s drain and trap, shredding and liquefying food scraps so they can pass through your plumbing and into your sewer system.

When your garbage disposal breaks due to a jam or broken part, food waste can back up and trigger unpleasant odors or standing water in your sink. It is best to repair or replace your current unit as quickly as possible to avoid larger problems with your sink’s drainage system.

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