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At Apollo Plumbing Service, we train our specialists to repair and install drains of various types and applications. We are proud to offer services that extend beyond standard drains and install unique fixtures and applications for our customers in Oregon and Washington.

In regions such as Portland, Oregon, where the rain is a common component of everyday life, preventing frequent floods and excess water is an important task. For many homeowners, soggy lawns and damp basements following a storm is an experience that would be better avoided. At Apollo Plumbing Service, we understand the climate of the region, and this knowledge of the conditions allow us to recommend the best solutions in the industry.

Rain Drains

Rain drains and French drains are both designed to capture excess water but are installed in different positions to be the most effective and save customers money. Rain drains catch surface-level water and redirect it. Normally positioned along curbsides in streets in neighborhoods or along the highways, rain drains are able to capture excess water during heavy rainstorms and keep it from flooding nearby communities and homes.

Rain drains can be installed in various sizes to capture the maximum amount of water. In Oregon, where some areas are particularly prone to experiencing long periods of intense rain and storms, having larger rain drains installed is vital to keeping homeowners safe and comfortable in their homes. We take the time to install rain drains carefully and also clean these drains as needed. Due to their position, rain drains can commonly catch litter and debris from people and the environment, which can inhibit their ability to remove excess water. At Apollo Plumbing Service, we are experts in determining the best solution for keeping rain drains working smoothly across Oregon and Washington.

French Drains

French drains are installed inside of trenches and covered with gravel, while the perforated pipe transports water. French drains are designed to catch water that has seeped into the soil deep underground, unlike rain drains which capture surface level water and can be installed in homes or positioned in communities to capture large quantities of water and move it accordingly.

For communities where the public water supply is limited or unavailable, French drains can serve as an effective means of distributing water to wells or gardens. French drains are installed in trenches with pipes that redirect the water, and we will not only install these drains but also perform routine maintenance as needed.

To install these drains, it’s required to dig a trench, but we make sure to keep the digging minimal and strategic to avoid property damage and inconvenience. Our drains can not only transport excess rainwater, but we can also install equipment to capture rainwater for homeowners to rely on through a process called rainwater harvesting, an eco-friendly solution for naturally preserving rainwater while simultaneously reducing the risks and damage that can be caused by flooding.

Rainwater Harvesting

Due to the rising costs to use water in Portland, Oregon, many homeowners are resorting to installing rainwater harvesting devices to supplement their water supply. There are many reasons that people choose to invest in equipment to make rainwater harvesting a possibility on their property, including:

  • Reduce the water bill
  • Conserve water used from public sources
  • Protects against flooding as well as inflow & infiltration problems

With rainwater harvesting equipment, homeowners can collect rainwater as it falls on the roof. The water is stored in a tank or cistern and pumped to your garden and landscaped areas as requested. Not only does rainwater harvesting help preserve your water supply, it protects against floods by capturing rainwater on site instead of flowing into the public drainage system. This makes the principles of rainwater harvesting environmentally-friendly by protecting the ecosystems in Oregon and Washington from flooding and other problems associated with excess water.

At Apollo Plumbing Service, we install the rainwater harvesting equipment with professionalism and modern equipment. There are two types of rain harvesting methods that we can install for homeowners to effectively catch rainwater, including:

  • Rooftop rainwater harvesting
  • Surface runoff

Both processes capture rainwater and transport it to a tank for storage for homeowners to use later on. Our installations are affordable and cost-effective for all of our customers, and we are proud to train all of our specialists in performing these tasks effectively.

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