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At Apollo Plumbing Service, we are well-versed in restoring water lines as well as storm drains across Oregon and Washington. No matter how extensive the problem is, we can fix each problem we encounter with solutions that are based on eco-friendly principles that preserve your residential or commercial property. With years of experience fixing various types of water lines and drains, we guarantee satisfaction with all of the work that we do.

Water Lines

Water lines are an instrumental part of your property’s plumbing system. This pressurized network of PVC and galvanized steel pipes are responsible for delivering fresh water to all fixtures in your home or business. Water pipes are usually located underground for maximum protection. If you are noticing unusually high water bills or restricted water flow at your home or constant wet spots that never seem to dry up, this often a symptom of the water lines experiencing problems that need to be fixed right away. With nearly 35 years of service and replacement experience, our plumbing and excavation professionals are the best in the industry.

How It Works

Apollo Plumbing Service Inc. uses state-of-the-art equipment and trenchless technology to repair and replace water lines found to be deteriorating or unreliable. We rehabilitate the pipes from the inside by installing epoxy resin formulas into the faulty pipes, creating a new liner that is smooth and able to more efficiently transport water to and from your property.

This process takes a single day to install, an impressive feat with the combination of our technology and skilled technicians. Our customers no longer need to dread water line repairs and expect weeks of downtime and inconvenience. With our simple steps, we restore the pipes within a few hours. Our installation of durable and reliable piping will save you time and money, ensuring a long-lasting water supply to your home or business.

It is important to have your water lines serviced regularly to avoid costly damage to your home or business. We offer comprehensive preventative maintenance plans for all needs and budgets in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington communities. Our services aren’t limited to water line repairs, as we also work with stormwater drain repairs, dry wells, and other types of drains and systems that require mindful repair work and maintenance. All of our repair work utilizes trenchless technology to keep the repairs quick and painless for our customers and eliminate the financial burdens traditional excavation often caused.

Stormwater Management Services

Stormwater management is an important part of keeping water away from your home. Storm drains can fill with contaminants that can put your home at risk. Managing the excess stormwater and transporting it to mimic the natural hydrologic cycle encourages eco-friendly practices that preserve properties as well as the environment by preventing the contaminants from polluting the soil or water supplies underground. At Apollo Plumbing Service will work with you to develop a maintenance schedule that is tailored to meet your needs.

Stormwater Drain Repair

As part of the initiative to encourage safe water flow by maintaining the stormwater drains effectively, we also take the time to carefully repair them. If repairs aren’t conducted quickly and the water flow is allowed to remain on your property and soak into the infrastructure, it can weaken your foundation and destroy your home. In addition, stormwater collecting near your foundation can cause flooding to your basement and the possibility of a basement wall collapse.

At Apollo Plumbing Service, we can help solve this from becoming a problem for you or your family by offering practical recommendations and solutions. Our techniques are trenchless-based, keeping your property intact while we rehabilitate the drain directly from the inside. This cuts down on repair costs and time spent repairing the jobs, making it possible for the work to be completed incredibly quickly and without excess inconvenience or demolition. Draining the stormwater will keep your home secure, but we also install dry wells as well to help encourage the efficient transfer of water off of your property.

Dry Well

Dry wells, also known as seepage pits, are subsurface pits that temporarily store and infiltrate stormwater runoff from the roof of your residential or commercial property. These pits can either be filled with graded stone and wrapped in a geotextile or they can be a premade chamber or pipe that drives the discharged water runoff into surrounding soils. Overflow mechanisms are installed to ensure that in large storm events additional runoff is safely pulled away from your home or business.

There are many benefits to installing dry wells, including:

  • Increased groundwater recharge
  • Visibly unobtrusive
  • Improved water quality
  • Reduced runoff volume and rate

If you need to have a dry well installed, our team of experts at Apollo Plumbing Services will be happy to complete the task for you.

Driveway Drains

Hardscaped obstructions like driveways and sidewalks can inhibit the flow of water. Without irrigation devices to keep it moving, water will pool in and around your driveway, and when the water settles into cracked or damaged concrete, it weakens the foundation. Once the foundation is weakened, water seeps into the rest of the driveway and can cause more damage unless it is removed.

Fortunately, driveway drains are designed to ensure that this doesn’t happen. Since 1984, Apollo Plumbing Service Inc. has installed and maintained driveway irrigation drains for our customers in both Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. These cities require the streets to be clear of the excess water to prevent flooding and keep driving conditions safe. We save our customers time and money on otherwise expensive restorations or repairs.

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