Whether a small repair on interior plumbing or a large scale excavation, Apollo Drain & Rooter has the tools necessary and the expertise you want for a clean and quick solution.

Can You Dig It? Yes, We Can! Full-Service Excavation and Plumbing for Portland and Vancouver

Sometimes you have to dig deep to get to the root of a problem. Apollo Drain & Rooter Service is an excavation and plumbing company working in the Portland-metro area. When a plumbing project calls for moving dirt, our team has the expertise and heavy-duty equipment to do the job.

Not every Portland plumbing company offers excavation services. If your home or business needs a water line replacement, a sump pump installation or a sewer line repair, you’ll need a business with the experience to move some serious soil. We use trenchless technologies when possible, but there are many situations when digging is necessary.

Here are some projects that often require excavation services:

  • Install a driveway drain to prevent pooling water
  • Renovate or install conduits for power and communication cables
  • Install a commercial grease interceptor
  • Construct a dry well to handle stormwater runoff
  • Install, repair or replace sewer and water lines


While pipe repair and replacement sometimes requires excavation, be sure to ask us about our no-dig methods. These include CIPP,cured-in-place pipe, Trenchless Pipe Bursting and Trenchless Pipe Boring. These technologies don’t require the hassles of digging.

Get Peace of Mind

Apollo handles every aspect of your excavation project. When someone’s going to dig a big hole on your property, you want a business with stellar safety practices and outstanding project management skills. We strive to be that business.

Here’s some of what we’ll do for you:

  • Troubleshoot the problem and come up with a solution
  • Scout out the underground utilities to prevent accidents
  • Get the permits
  • Keep the site secure and safe from vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  • Follow OSHA rules
  • Repair the problem
  • Clean the site when we’re done

Excavation Services in Portland, Oregon

Check out the list of projects we can handle, and contact Apollo when you’re ready to get started!