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Burst installations

Burst installations

Put simply, trenchless pipe bursting is the process of replacing existing pipelines without needing to physically remove those pipelines. It’s used most frequently with exceptionally brittle pipes, such as those made from clay or concrete, but can be applied to a diversity of sizes, materials and uses. Bursting can also be utilized to increase the size of pipelines, improving water flow and pressure.

How does trenchless pipe bursting work?

As you can see from the above picture, trenchless pipe bursting replacement simply means splitting an old, worn out pipe while simultaneously inserting a new one. This process requires expensive equipment and expert service, so be sure to contact the professionals at Apollo Drain and get started:

  1. An expert will insert a cone-shaped bursting head through the existing pipeline. It’s crucial that the bursting head’s diameter is a little bit larger than the existing pipeline.
  2. Applying extra pressure on the existing pipe will prove too much and the bursting head will effectively split open and fragment the old pipe. Thus, the bursting head creates a cavity for the new pipeline to fill.
  3. Immediately following the bursting head, the new pipe is simultaneously pushed into the cavity.

Initially used in the 1980s to replace gas distribution lines, pipe bursting today is widely considered to be an effective method for replacing a wide array of pipelines and a multitude of functions, including pipelines for water, gas and sewage needs.

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