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Driveway Drains

Hardscaped obstructions like driveways and sidewalks can inhibit the flow of water. Without irrigation devices to keep it moving, water will pool in and around your driveway. And when water settles into cracked or damaged concrete, it weakens the foundation.

Once the foundation is weakened, water seeps into the rest of the driveway and causes more and more damage. Unless the water is removed.

That’s where driveway drains come in…

Local Professionals

Since 1984, Apollo Drain & Rooter Service Inc. has installed and maintained driveway irrigation drains for our customers in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington metro areas. We save our customers time and money on otherwise expensive restorations or repairs.

If you find water pooling near your driveway or sidewalk, call Apollo Drain & Rooter Service Inc. today. We can even repair your damaged driveway – without breaking the bank!

Call Apollo Drain & Rooter Service Inc. at (503) 239-8801 for a FREE quote on driveway drain installation!

Apollo Drain is known for professional, thorough work. This long-time Oregon plumbing business takes care of both residential and commercial plumbing repairs.