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Hydro Excavating

Hydro Excavating

At Apollo Drain and Rooter, we are proud to bring our state-of-the-art hydro excavating services to the residents and business owners across the Pacific Northwest. This incredible technology enables us to dig laser-precise holes and trenches without the risk of damage to buried utility lines or sewer connections, and it does so without creating any collateral damage to clean up afterward.

Hydro excavation combines the power of high-pressure water with the control of a vacuum to dig any size hole with complete precision and accuracy. Our technician uses a specialized water nozzle to blast the soil and break it up in a precise area while at the same time, a vacuum sucks up the mixture of soil and water and stores it in a tank. Our hydro excavating tool can cut a small, twelve-inch hole as precisely as it digs a large hole for a septic tank installation.

Hydro excavating eliminates many of the obstacles that make traditional excavation difficult or impossible in certain situations. For example, in tight spaces, such as around rowhouses and heavily commercial areas, it’s often difficult to find a place for the tons of soil that must be moved for a major sewer repair. Hydro excavating vacuums the soil as it’s dug from the hole, so there’s no need to find a spot for the giant pile of dirt. The equipment is also much smaller than typical excavation equipment, such as backhoes and dump trucks. While these are often effective tools, it’s difficult to maneuver them in tightly packed neighborhoods and alleyways. A hydro excavating system fits easily into these narrow spaces.

Hydro excavating is also safe for areas where there are a lot of underground utility lines to navigate during a sewer or other underground repair. Because the system uses only water pressure, we can dig around utility lines without risking damage to them. We can also use hydro excavating for daylighting – the process of digging a test hole to locate buried utility lines before traditional excavation begins – preventing costly damage to utilities which disrupts your routine and delays the repair process itself.

The additional uses for this powerful technology are many. In addition to spot digging, hydro excavation is effective for slot trenching, which is the practice of digging a thin, precise trench to lay new utility or plumbing lines. This method is much less destructive than hand-digging or trenching with heavy equipment because the hole can be dug to precise measurements, eliminating damage to surrounding structures and utility connections.

It’s also a great solution for situations where you need to excavate a precise area, such as removing a deteriorating concrete slab adjacent to your home. We can easily break up the area and remove the particles, clearing the area and cleaning away the debris at the same time, making what would have been a difficult project into a quick and easy one.

For fast, clean, and precise excavation, you can count on our innovative hydro excavating system at Apollo Drain and Rooter. Our expert technicians know the best ways to put this amazing technology to work for you. Call today for your consultation!

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