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Sewer Line Repair

Portland’s Best Sewer Repair

Depend on Apollo Drain & Rooter for fast, reliable sewer repair. Our excavation department can handle any type of plumbing-related job. Our excavation department can tackle spot repairs, sewer hookups, storm-line work or install a completely new sewer line. We can even work on your pipes without digging up your yard.

Black-Water Waste Solutions

Are you dealing with black-water waste at your home or business? Let us help. We can clean up and remove the unsanitary and unsightly mess. Our sewer pump ejector stations are the ideal solution for black-water waste. The ejector station converts solids to slurry that can then be completely removed. Our plumbers work quickly, ensuring the waste is cleared away and moved to the appropriate sewage station.

Upgrading Party Sewers

Wondering if you have a party sewer line? Portland considers party sewer lines nonconforming and may require you to upgrade the system to conform with current city codes. A nonconforming sewer connection is when two or more private lines join and share a single connecting pipe to the public sewer. You might not even realize you have this type of connection. Give us a call, we’ll complete a free evaluation and recommend the best way to upgrade your sewer line so it meets city codes.

Trenchless Repairs

Sewer repair can be messy and inconvenient when it includes digging up your property. Apollo uses a “3” no-dig method for some repairs. CIPP, cured in place pipe, is a technique that fixes pipes without digging. It’s a long-lasting, dependable solution to repair damaged drain and sewer systems. CIPP is eco-friendly, affordable and quick. We can save you time, money and disruption with our CIPP services.

Our excavation department has the experience and heavy-duty machinery to take on industrial, commercial and residential sanitary and/or storm sewer projects. We’re available 247, 365 days a year for emergency repairs. Give us a call and get a free estimate and more information on our sewer repair services.

For more information on the various techniques that Apollo Plumbing utilizes for these projects, check out our pages regarding Trenchless Pipe Replacement. Call us today and ask about CIPP – The most non-intrusive clean and green process to repair your old sewer or storm lines.

Apollo Drain is known for professional, thorough work. This long-time Oregon plumbing business takes care of both residential and commercial plumbing repairs.