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Sewer Scopes and Video Inspections

Scoping Out Problem Pipes

How can you tell what’s going on with your underground pipes? Often a clog or leak is the first sign there’s a problem. An accurate diagnosis is needed before repairs can begin.

Apollo Drain & Rooter uses state-of-the-art video camera systems to inspect pipes and sewers. There’s no need to turn your yard into a muddy mess by excavating. We can inspect your sewer or storm system without damaging plumbing or landscaping.

How Sewer Scopes Works

We inspect sewers with a long fiber-optic cable and attached camera. The camera cable is fed through an access point into the sanitary or storm sewer line. The technician will then monitor the images on a video screen. With this specialized equipment, we’re able to see clogs, cracks, tree roots and more. If we locate damage we can electronically locate repairs that need to be addressed.

Using the information gathered by the inspection, Apollo’s experienced technicians can recommend the best, most cost-effective solution.

What You Don’t Know Could Hurt

There are several scenarios when a sewer inspection is a good idea. Here are some of the reasons you may want to look underground:

Party sewer lines: Some buildings in Portland share a sewer line. Because party lines are considered unsafe, the city requires that these systems be repaired. If your sewer taps into another system, to meet code, you’ll need to reroute the pipes. A sewer inspection expedites repairs because a plumber can see what needs to be done before digging.

Find tree roots: Some older systems are plagued by tree roots. Clay and cement pipes often have small leaks that allow water to seep into the surrounding soil. Trees are attracted to the moisture. The roots grow into the cracks, making the damage worse. Without a sewer scope, however, it’s not possible to confirm that roots are the source of a backup. Once our plumbers find a root mass, they cut through the tangle and repair the pipe.

Real-estate inspection: Smart buyers hire an inspector before they close on a deal. Sewer inspections, however, aren’t part of a standard real-estate inspection. If you want to know about the state of a your potential home’s pipes, the time to check things out is before you buy. A sewer scope can alert you to problems with the sewer system.

Remodeling: Locating pipes is essential before a major remodel. If you’re planning on remodeling or excavating, a sewer scope coupled with sonar location of pipes is important. With our sonar equipment, we can locate the pipes on your property before you begin digging. A sewer scope gives you further information about the state of your sewer.

Old cesspools: Portland’s historic neighborhoods predate the public sewer system. Old homes relied on cesspools and septic systems. In come cases, these old systems were not decommissioned. If you suspect an old cesspool is creating problems, Apollo can inspect your pipes. When cesspools are connected to a sewer line, they can lead to a sinkhole or create other hazards.

Sewer inspections don’t always turn up bad news. Many times you’ll receive happy news: the sewer’s in good shape or the repair can be made without excavation. For instance, a cracked pipe may be fixed using CIPP, a trenchless system of repair.

Whether you’re pipes need work or not, an inspection can give you peace of mind. Don’t put up with uncertainty. Call Apollo Drain & Rooter Service for more information on sewer scopes and video inspections. Estimates are free!

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