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How We Repair Municipal Waste Plants

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There are a variety of repairs that could need to be done inside a municipal waste plant, partly because there are different types of waste plants. Everything from water fixtures to toilets to drains to any showers installed could be causing problems. Mainlines, like sewers and water lines, could be really problematic inside a waste plant.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Solutions for Municipal Plants

Here at Apollo Drain & Rooter Service, we offer a variety of services so as to serve you best. We offer CIPP pipe lining, pipe bursting, CIPP cutting, trenchless repair, underground services, and sewer inspection.

We always start with an inspection, so we can figure out what’s going on inside your pipes that needs to be repaired. We inspect your pipe, then clean it, then begin our repair. We decide with you what’s best for your sewer, water, or mainline. No decision is made without you or your consultation. The inspection is shared with you, so you can see the same problems that we do. A plumbing technician will be there you show you where the problem is and what it means. Even if there isn’t a problem, an inspection will give you a peace of mind that couldn’t be found without an inspection.

Cured-in-place pipe lining can be a great place to start with leaks, damages, fractures, or other external/internal issues. Pressure caused by tree roots or other roots can cause your pipe to fracture. With cured-in-place pipe lining, we’re essentially creating a “pipe within a pipe” with a liquidized epoxy resin formula that’s carefully applied and cured to the inside of your pipe.

With entire replacements or repairs, trenchless is a great and much cheaper option than traditional excavational methods. Trenchless repairs take much less time and are oftentimes a lot greater in terms of outcomes.

No matter what your needs are, Apollo Drain & Rooter Service will be here for you. Call us today at 503-395-0900 for your consultation and free quote. We offer 24-hour emergency response services and we’re open on weekends!

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