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Large Diameter Drain Cleaning in Lake Oswego May Be The Solution You Need For Healthy Pipes

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Large diameter sewer pipes will need more volumes of water for an extensive clean. At Apollo Drain, we use special equipment suited for cleaning pipes both big and small. Our experienced technicians are well-trained and have years of knowledge in all kinds of drain cleaning in the Lake Oswego region and the surrounding areas. Downtime is minimized while we do our job with the highest efficiency.

Camera Inspection

This trenchless technology is used for pre and post drain cleaning processes. The initial sewer camera inspection locates the source of your plumbing issue while gathering essential pipe data such as length, material, and the condition of the pipe. The flexible line allows our technicians to navigate through entire sewer lines with numerous angles and bends with ease. No stone will be left unturned in finding out potential sewer line problems. After drain cleaning, a post camera inspection ensures the quality of our cleaning service. It can also uncover any potential pipe problem like tiny cracks to save you from future headaches and unexpected expenses.

Hydro Jetting

At Apollo Drain, we utilize powerful hydro jetting equipment to ensure complete removal of sewer debris and all kinds of blockages. Our company has invested in the latest air displacement and vacuum machine combined with water jetting equipment which allows us to use our resources wisely while flushing your sewer line clean. Newer trenchless technology means that there’s no need to waste streamlines and bypassing pumps and plugs, nor even have to turn off your main line. By recycling water, we minimize the downtime of restocking supplies and forego the need to transport water to the job site.

Here at Apollo Drain & Rooter Service, we have large diameter hydraulic pumps that can disintegrate large volumes of sand, water and grit during the entire drain cleaning process. The pressure of the hydro jetting equipment can be set according to the pipeline’s diameter and the type of material. We use the appropriate-sized hose and custom nozzles along with different levels of pressure up to 3,500 PSI for cleaning. Our expert technicians know exactly what kind of nozzle to use and just how much pressure your sewer line needs to get a thorough clean without ever damaging the pipes themselves. High-pressure streams scour and scrub the insides of your lines. Jets of water shooting in all directions break up the sludge and calcified matter stuck inside the walls.

Hydro jetting is one of the greenest and safest drain cleaning solutions we have today. We get your pipelines working while lowering our carbon footprint. Our experts are also capable of cleaning large diameter sewer cleaning. The dislodged sand, debris, and grit are processed and put into containers and get transported safely to the nearest landfill, disposal facility, or municipal sewer treatment plant. The original diameter of the pipe is restored, resulting in improved water flow and efficiency, eliminating odors and slow drainage. You can get back to your daily life in just a few hours. You can rest assured that any problems brewing down the line will be resolved and backups won’t be occurring again anytime soon.

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