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Sewer Repair

We have a full service excavation department. We are available for any storm or sewer line work that you need. We can do all repairs ranging from a spot repair to sewer hook-ups. We can also replace your existing sewer or storm line without trenching up your yard.

Our team has years of experience with the heavy-duty machinery necessary for these large projects. You, or someone you know may IMG_9141have recently been informed of changes to the sewer party lines in the Portland area. Call Apollo Plumbing today to schedule your free evaluation with one of our highly trained technicians. We ensure the job is done quickly and the job is done right!

Apollo Plumbing offers Sewer Pump Ejector Stations for homes or businesses that have issues getting black-water waste to the appropriate sewage stations. A Sewer Pump Ejector works by breaking up any solid material and producing a ground slurry of waste and water that is more easily moved to its destination.
For more information on the various techniques that Apollo Plumbing utilizes for these projects, check out our pages regarding Trenchless Pipe Replacement.

Apollo Drain is known for professional, thorough work. This long-time Oregon plumbing business takes care of both residential and commercial plumbing repairs.