backflow prevention plumber plumberPrevent Water Contamination with Backflow Prevention Devices

Did you know that your business could be inadvertently contaminating the drinking water for all of your neighbors? Even if you have no idea that it’s happening, you can be held liable for this contamination.

At Apollo Drain, we are committed to helping you avoid water contamination and avoid the fines that can come along with it. Here’s what you need to know to make sure your business keeps the water clean.

What is Backflow?

Most of the time, water only flows in one direction through your pipes. It enters your system, flows until it reaches your plumbing fixture (a faucet, toilet, tub, etc.) and comes out so you can use the water.

Under certain circumstances, the water can flow backward instead of forward. This doesn’t happen very often but it does occasionally occur. In these situations, the water can carry contaminants from your location back into the main water supply. A backflow prevention assembly prevents this from happening.

Why is Water Contamination a Problem?

Some water contamination is not a problem but, other times, it can be life-threatening. Contaminants can be biological, chemical, physical, or radiological in nature.

When these get into the water supply, it’s considered a public health hazard. Sewage can cause disease, as can industrial waste, certain fluids, and other substances. People can also end up with all sorts of poisoning issues, too, depending on what is in their water.

What are the Laws Surrounding Backflow?

In Washington and Oregon, state laws require businesses to not only have backflow assemblies installed but also to have them tested once a year. Upon testing, you will receive paperwork showing that you had the tests done and what your results were. If you need repairs, you can get those done and get the system recertified.

How Can I Avoid Contaminating Water Near Me?

Contact us at Apollo Drain to get a Licensed Certified Plumber to your door soon. We’ll complete your backflow assembly installation or certification so you can avoid fines and make sure you’re not contaminating water in your neighborhood.

If we perform your Backflow Testing and find that you need repairs or further work done on your backflow device, we’ll make sure it gets completed quickly so you won’t have to worry about anything. Call us at Apollo Drain today and get your Backflow Test performed as soon as possible.

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