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plumber portland orAt Apollo Plumbing Service, we recognize the importance of keeping the pipes in your home and business clean and clear of debris and problems. Common culprits of clog formations and pipeline problems include hardened grease deposits as well as inefficient wastewater treatment efforts that result in waste becoming trapped in the pipes. Fortunately, we have the equipment and experience needed to install mechanisms that can act as effective countermeasures against these problems and keep your pipes clean in order to work effectively.

Grease Interceptors

For restaurants and commercial kitchens to function effectively, there needs to be a reliable pipeline system in place to transport food waste. Commercial kitchens can be plagued by fat, oil, and grease (FOG) that are a byproduct of a busy restaurant. A malfunctioning grease trap or interceptor can quickly shut down your kitchen’s plumbing, and until the problem is fixed, your staff can’t meet the sanitary requirements required by city and county law.

Don’t Lose Business to Downtime

Grease traps and interceptors catch FOG and prevent it from entering the public sewer. To prevent backups, a grease interceptor needs frequent cleaning. Restaurants in Portland, Gresham and Vancouver are inspected by the city to check that FOG isn’t discharging into the public sewer. To comply with codes, businesses must install and maintain a grease trap or interceptor.

Portland requires commercial kitchens to have a schedule to clean grease traps and interceptors. An improperly maintained grease interceptor causes clogs, foul odors, and sewage overflow, and particularly bad cases of backups can affect nearby buildings and city sewer lines.

At Apollo Plumbing Service, we can maintain or repair your restaurant’s grease interceptor, preventing costly backups and failed inspections. If you need a new interceptor installed, our expert excavators and plumbers can help. Our experienced plumbers have worked with commercial kitchens all over the Portland metro area in Oregon as well as the Vancouver, Washington area. We’ll install your grease interceptor so it meets with regulations and FOG doesn’t flow into the sewer and interrupt business.

How Grease Interceptors Work

Fats, oil, and grease enter the drain when food is prepared and cooking utensils and dishes are washed. Even if your staff is careful about removing food scraps before washing dishes, it’s inevitable that FOG will enter the pipes. A grease trap or interceptor captures the FOG before it can cause problems with the public sewer. There are two basic types of interceptors that we install, and some kitchens include both types of grease interceptors:

  • Hydromechanical grease trap
  • Gravity grease interceptors

Hydromechanical grease traps catch FOG under a sink or another type of fixture and are installed as indoor devices. Gravity grease interceptors are large outdoor tanks with a larger capacity than indoor traps. Excavation may be required to install an underground grease interceptor. At Apollo Plumbing Service, our maintenance programs take the burden of maintaining an interceptor off you and your staff. Let our professionals help you meet city and county requirements for your grease interceptor.

For cases when wastewater needs to be treated more effectively, we are happy to install lift stations to facilitate the process.

Lift Stations

Lift stations, also known as pump stations, pump sewage or wastewater from a lower position of gravity to an elevated state so sewage can flow naturally through city sewer lines. For example, if a home needs to move waste to a sewage treatment plant, this treatment utility sits at a slightly higher elevation than the home. The lift stations lift the sewage to a certain height above the facility where gravity naturally transports the waste to where it needs to go. It is especially important that sewage and wastewater be moved using the best equipment available to avoid spills, and we are proud to offer the best in the industry.

If you’re living in a low-populated area that needs to have the wastewater moved off of your property efficiently, we’re here to help. We offer affordable solutions and also take care of ordering and delivering the product to our customers.

Call Apollo Plumbing Service For The Best Services

Since 1984, our family-owned business at Apollo Plumbing Service has helped our customers in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington areas with all their pipeline problems and cleaning needs. If you need your pipes to be cleaned of grease or a lift station installed, call us at 503-447-8350 to learn more about our work and how we can help you.

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Does Apollo provide clearing for grease traps for commercial kitchens?

Yes, Apollo Drain & Rooter provides grease trap clearing for commercial kitchens!


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