Polybutylene Pipes: What’s Wrong With Them & What To Do About It

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Some properties in the area may have a hidden plumbing issue that the owners are completely unaware of. The culprit is polybutylene (PB) pipes, which were used for plumbing purposes between the years of 1975 and 1978, until it was discovered that they become brittle and crack over time, so they were subsequently outlawed.

However, the properties that were built during that timeframe may still have PB pipes as a component of their plumbing system. It is only a matter of time until they fail and crack and cause a major leak, which could damage your home or business and cost you a significant amount of money. Have a professional plumber like those on staff at Apollo come out and see if you have PB pipes and are at risk.

Dangers of PB Pipes

Polybutylene was once thought to be a great material to use for piping, but after some time it became obvious that they were faulty because they tend to flake apart and crack. This is no good for plumbing systems or the property itself, because water will leak through and cause damage and a high water bill. Because much of your piping is hidden behind walls or underground, it may be leaking for a while before you ever even notice.

We are PB Pipe Replacement Experts

Our staff can help you if you have PB pipes at your residential or commercial property in the Portland and Vancouver area. We will come out to do an inspection and see how much of your plumbing needs to be replaced, and can provide you with a fair bid on getting the work done. With us on the job, you don’t have to worry about that state of your piping.

Call the Apollo Drain & Rooter team right now for more information about polybutylene pipes or to schedule an appointment to have yours replaced before something goes wrong!

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