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Schwalm Robot

Apollo Drain utilizes Schwalm Robot, a state of the art, high speed method of trimming and cutting intruding lateral connections within your sewer line. It’s a gentle, non-destructive technique that grinds clay tile, PVC pipe, concrete, or cast-iron pipes. It’s effective but “soft” method of pipe removal can prevent fractures and splitting of the lateral pipe, saving the extensive amount of time and money that can go into repairing these damages.

The Ultimate Control

Schwalm provides a wide-range of features that provide a level of control that keeps your project precise and safe. From adjusting the powerful LED lighting, an adjustable arm that moves both vertically, horizontally, and a tool holder that rotates 360 degrees. This wide range of motion makes hard to reach areas accessible and manageable.

How do we know if we need to adjust the light or rotate the grinder? Because the Schwalm has a high tech camera that has the ability to pan up and down, an adjustable focus, and a self cleaning lens, so we always have a crystal clear view. The low center of gravity and substantial weight keeps the robot secure and stable in the sewer so additional methods don’t need to be taken to secure it, and can tilt 45 degrees in either direction without tipping over.

Versatility for Even the Most Delicate Project

With the Schwalm Robot, Apollo Drain can take on a variety of projects only using one manhole for access. The robotic cutting and grinding features include:

  • Self-Propelled Cutter  
  • Powerful Grinding/Cutting Tool
  • Fast CIPP Service Reinstatement  
  • Chisel for Removal of Concrete in Pipelines
  • Inserts / Removes Mechanical Plugs Up into Lateral Pipes
  • 360 Degree Cutting Function
  • Cuts Through CIPP Lifts or Turn-backs  
  • Reaches Far Up into Lateral to Remove Resin Sludge

Your Robotic Cutting Experts

If you have a project that requires a gentle, expert approach, contact Apollo Drain today. We are your CIPP certified expert technicians in the Portland, Oregon area.

Apollo Drain is known for professional, thorough work. This long-time Oregon plumbing business takes care of both residential and commercial plumbing repairs.