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Beaverton Trenchless Sewer Repair Services

Many Beaverton property owners procrastinate on getting plumbing repairs until the damage is too severe to ignore because they don’t want to deal with the hassle, expense and inconvenience associated with a crew tearing up their property to access the sewer line. However, did you know your neighbors at Apollo Plumbing Service have innovative technology to offer no-dig repairs?

Though trenchless sewer repair techniques have been around for a few decades, you may not have been aware of this breakthrough process that can be used to address the most common sewer line problems, including clogs, leaks and even collapsed pipes – all while saving you money and preventing property damage.

Sewer Repair Without the Hassle

Historically, the only way to fix buried sewer pipes was to excavate the entire line, creating thousands of dollars of property damage in the process. However, modern property owners no longer have to choose between having a fully functioning sewer and dealing with the headache of restoring destroyed property.

Apollo Plumbing Service’s minimally invasive repairs are eco-friendly, use less labor and equipment and eliminate the need to tear up lawns, driveways, parking lots or patios. In addition, we can turn around many trenchless repair projects within the same day, which is a tremendous improvement over traditional dig-and-replace sewer repairs.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Options

Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP)

  • As the simplest, cleanest and most efficient trenchless technique, CIPP is a no-dig process that is ideal for solving plumbing problems such as leaks and cracks. With CIPP, our technicians use a special pipe liner to create a new, durable pipe directly inside the damaged one.

Trenchless Boring

  • Trenchless boring is a method for installing a new wastewater or freshwater pipeline that uses a horizontal drill to create minimal property damage.

Trenchless Pipe Bursting

  • Trenchless pipe bursting is a technique for replacing pipes that are more extensively damaged or compromised. Apollo Plumbing Service’s trenchless specialists use a machine to intentionally break up the severely damaged sewer line, while simultaneously installing a new pipeline in the space left behind by the bursting head.

The Long-Term Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair

Sewer repairs can certainly be an expensive home improvement, which makes many people choose to put them off until later. However, problems such as leaks and clogs won’t just go away on their own – in fact, they’ll just keep getting worse as time goes by.

Every property owner eventually accepts the fact that preventive maintenance is never a bad investment. For this reason, trenchless repair is a cost-effective purchase in the long run. Our trenchless technologies can give you a brand-new, long-lasting pipe that is durable, seamless, damage-resistant and has improved water flow, all with minimal digging and disruption.

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Since 1984, Apollo Plumbing Service has built a reputation as a trusted leader in the most current plumbing technologies, especially trenchless techniques. Our highly trained team provides high-quality, expert work, professional advice and a comprehensive array of services. Call us anytime for repairs you can count on for years to come.


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