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For reliable, affordable plumbing service in Gresham, Oregon, you can count on Apollo Plumbing Services. We specialize in innovative systems that provide top quality results at the most cost-effective rates. No matter when you need us, weekday or weekend, we’re available to help you.

Apollo is a full-service plumbing provider, with a wide selection of plumbing repair services for both residential and commercial needs. We specialize in trenchless sewer repair technology, the modern method that prevents property damage by using newly developed tools and materials that can be applied from inside the damaged pipe. We also install, repair, and replace both household and commercial plumbing fixtures, such as products for sanitation needs, cooking, and general use. We’re your go-to provider for all your plumbing repair needs.

Trenchless Pipe Lining in Gresham

One of our most powerful sewer repair options is our trenchless pipe lining service, often referred to as cured-in-place pipe lining or CIPP. Rather than digging out the damaged sewer line to replace it with a new one, we can essentially install a new pipe inside of the old one with specially engineered tools that fit through existing access points such as cleanouts. The epoxy lining is applied using an epoxy-coated, removable sleeve that’s positioned inside the pipe and inflated to form the new pipe. After it cures, the newly-formed pipe replaces the old one without any significant decrease in pipe diameter. It improves waste flow and resists root penetration, but most importantly in the Gresham area, it withstands earthquake stress and environmental damage. A pipe relined by Apollo can last for 50 years or longer.

Pipe Bursting

If the pipe must be replaced, we can still complete the replacement without trenching your yard using our pipe bursting system. This tool simultaneously removes the old pipe and installs a new one, all through the existing channel where the old pipe is already in place. Access for the replacement requires only a small access hole at either end, dramatically reducing the impact on your property and saving you thousands of dollars in repair costs. The pneumatic bursting head fragments the old pipe into tiny pieces that naturally dissolve into the surrounding soil, while at the same time laying a new HDPE pipe that is easily reconnected once it’s in place. Pipe bursting is the simple, affordable way to install a new sewer line.

Leak Detection

Apollo’s highly-skilled technicians are also experts at leak detection, using advanced technology that pinpoints the source of the leak for faster resolution. We arrive equipped with tools and parts to repair the most commonly used pipe materials and plumbing fixtures in the Gresham area, so we can repair almost any problem on the first visit for an efficient solution and better customer experience. We can also assist with new plumbing installations and are happy to be a helpful part of your kitchen or bath renovation project.

Apollo Plumbing Service is a Gresham, OR area leader in reliable, trustworthy, affordable plumbing repairs. We can fix any problem, from a leaky faucet to a damaged sewer line, at fraction of the time and cost needed by other options. We’re here whenever you need us. Call today!


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