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Gresham Industrial Drain Cleaning Services

At Apollo Plumbing Service we know cleaning drains clear and free in industrial zones is important in order to keep an efficient business moving. A blocked pipe or drain could cause vast amounts of sanitation issues and slow down or halt a fast-paced company. With our highly skilled technicians addressing any problems you may have in your main lines or drains, any problem you may be experiencing can be diagnosed and mended.

One of the most common issues addressed is clogged floor drains. This is due to mop water that carries a substantial amount of contaminants at a consistent rate into your lines. Without proper, consistent maintenance a clog is imminent over time. Many other working conditions can lead to soap, biological material, or sediment can also lead to blocked drains, threatening the safety of the word conditions within an industrial workplace. Luckily, Apollo Plumbing Service has a vast selection of methods in order to demolish blocked drains and restore proper flow.

One of the methodologies used is snaking. Snaking is a process in which our technicians will place a metal wire deep into the problem pipe and rotate the wire inside it. This causes the blockage to become loose, especially if it is hair based. Our service technicians can then remove the clog by pulling it up or flushing it out.

For much more difficult or built up blockages our team will deploy a hydro jetting unit to your company location. Hydro jetting is the processes of blasting hot water at a high pressure into your sewage lines. By blasting this hot water at debris like soap scum or other difficult to remove blockages, they are illuminated in a fraction of time. This leaves your drains clear and clean for some time to come.

We urge companies to consistently have their pipes inspected in order to remove the worry for clogs and blockages over time. By having periodic checks, the risk of clogs minimizes. We offer camera inspections that take little time but can check for cracks, leaks and build up within man lines. These inspections, like hydro jetting or snaking, do not require the need to excavate in order to get to the lines. All are trenchless technology, meaning there is no need for digging. These cameras are highly equipped and can be handled by one of our trained technicians on site.

At Apollo Plumbing Service, we incorporate trenchless technology in almost all of our services. From debris extraction to utility potholing and more, we understand the benefits that trenchless technology affords. Servicing the Gresham, Oregon city as well as others, we understand the need for properly working drains in order to keep companies up and running. With our experience and expertise behind us, we provide solutions for every problem you might face. Give us a call today to set up an appointment and restore your workplace back to normal.


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