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Gresham Sewer Camera Inspection Services

At Apollo Plumbing Services, we are committed to making more affordable and environmentally safe options for our customers here in Gresham, Oregon. Not only do we provide traditional methods of drain and rooting services, we also provide trenchless technology to your doorsteps. This involves inspection techniques to ensure the right service is administered to the right problem.

Sewer Camera Inspections

Due to the innovative technology developed for modern day sewer services, sewer camera inspections are becoming a common first step in piping solution plans. Clogging services are drastically different than a pipe-collapse, and in order to ensure our team is choosing the right solution plan for you, we have to diagnose the problem. The excellent thing about sewer camera inspections is that it is an entirely trenchless ordeal- meaning your lawn or home will not have to be dug up in the inspection process.

How Sewer Camera Inspections Work

Inspections first involve inserting a highly specialized camera into your piping system. With the ability to navigate through sewer systems and storm drains, this camera shows problem areas with pinpoint accuracy. This allows our specialized team at Apollo Plumbing to accurately diagnose corrosion, deterioration of piping caused by tree roots, weakening and structural decline caused by aging or other problems. Once the diagnosis has been accurately discovered our team can then expertly pick from a multitude of different methods in order to repair pipes accurately.

Sewer Camera Scenarios

Scenarios in which sewer camera inspections are highly encouraged can be varying. One of the most common reasons to inspect is due to old infrastructures and piping systems in homes. Residences that are 15 years or older may have materials that are less durable than the ones used today. As a result, clogging or cracks can be much more frequent in these types of homes. If your home is 15 years or older in Gresham, you are highly encouraged to have planned inspections once every 12-18 months to ensure the structural integrity of your systems.

The next common sewer camera scenario would involve a blockage in your drain. If there are signs pointing to a blocked system, it’s crucial to resolve the issue before it damages your piping system further. Clogs can lead to sewage back ups, which pose a biological hazard to residents in their homes. A few signs you have a drain blockage are:

  • Multiple fixtures like sinks and toilets are clogged simultaneously
  • Strange reactions when fixtures are used, such as gurgling noises or rising rather than draining water
  • Brown or black water coming from fixtures, or a foul odor that lingers from them

We Are Here To Help

At Apollo Plumbing Services, our job is to diagnose and solve your problem as efficiently and quickly as possible. With our over the phone quotes, upfront and flat prices, and no hidden fees we keep your wallet in mind just as much as your systems. If you or anyone you know are having problems with their Gresham, Oregon homes, give us a call today.


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