Lake Oswego Drain Cleaning

Lake Oswego Drain Cleaning Services

If you’re searching for a solution to fix your slow-moving drains in the Lake Oswego area, look no further than Apollo Plumbing Services. Our trenchless-based drain cleaning services may be exactly what the pipes in your home or business needs to be restored to peak performance, particularly if you haven’t had a cleaning session on your property within the last year. Even the best maintained drains gradually build up residue and form clogs over time, but with our trenchless-based cleaning techniques, we are able to easily clean the pipes for our customers and produce long-lasting results in a much shorter amount of time.

Our drain cleaning services are prefaced with a sewer camera inspection, a process that allows us to diagnose problems like clogs and corrosion with precision. In addition, this inside-look in the pipes gives us additional, valuable information such as the size of the clog and the extent of the tree root clumps or corrosion. This allows our approach to be better informed and personalized for the situation and ensures that our cleaning processes will completely pinpoint the problem and remove it accordingly.

Once the problem has been diagnosed, our technicians will recommend the preferred cleaning solution. Hydro jetting is our preferred process, as this allows us to effectively wash away clogs and other waste deposits with a water pressure tank and hose. Our specialists manually control the water pressure and can blast the water through the system at up to 4000 PSI. The combined force and heat of the water ensures that the pipeline is completely cleaned of waste and debris before being flushed away to the municipal main line located in the street.

Our equipment is all based on trenchless technology, ensuring that only small access holes are necessary for our work to be completed, with less clean-up required after the job is done. This keeps your driveway, landscaping, and home safe from needless collateral damage during our process, and our hydro jetting equipment relies on chemical-free, filtered water in order to carefully remove complications in the pipeline system without risking any damage to the pipeline materials. In addition to being minimally invasive, our work is also completed at a fraction of the time that traditional cleaning methods would require.

Maintenance is a key component to keeping the pipes in your home and business operating smoothly, and scheduling annual cleaning sessions are crucial. Our experts at Apollo Plumbing Service are proud to offer our drain cleaning services for customers on a yearly basis, ensuring that the pipes remain clean and allowing us to proactively eliminate any issues by being caught in the early stages. This will keep your pipes to continue performing in peak condition, forestalling flooded toilets, clogged drains, and other problems.

If you’re in the Lake Oswego area, Apollo Plumbing Service is here to assist you with professional service and prompt results. If you’d like more information on our drain cleaning service or would like to speak with one of our representatives, call today!


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