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Apollo Plumbing Service is the trusted plumbing provider for reliable and affordable services in commercial environments throughout Tigard, Oregon. Our expert technicians understand the challenges that business owners face in repairing and maintaining commercial sewers and drains and we have innovative technologies designed specifically with your needs in mind. We can quickly and discreetly get your drains in working order to minimize the impact on your bottom line.

As a fellow Oregon business, Apollo understands the many concerns of business owners during a plumbing situation, such as negative impacts on customers and employees, potential liability, property damage, loss of productivity, and poor reviews. We’ve invested in the latest technology to keep our plumbing repairs services efficient and effective, so that interference with your business’s daily activities is minimal.

Trenchless Pipe Repair in Tigard

Apollo specializes in trenchless solutions, the latest method of plumbing maintenance that uses advances in technology for faster, longer-lasting repairs with a smaller repair footprint. Rather than a large work crew and backhoes, we can complete even large-scale repairs such as pipe replacement with just a few technicians and minimal equipment. Our low-impact methodology ensure top-quality results while keeping disruption to your business low, and our services cost a fraction of what you’d pay for a traditional dig-and-replace repair.

Commercial Sewer and Drain Services

We offer a full line of commercial drain and sewer services to help your business. Our regularly-scheduled preventive drain cleaning and inspection lets you take the proactive approach to maintaining your sewer condition by revealing drain problems while low-cost repair solutions are still an option. The hydro jetting drain cleaning technology removes accumulated waste and grease that reduces sewer efficiency, then the innovative sewer camera inspection system allows our expert technician to check for signs of aging, earthquake and environmental stress, tree root penetration, and other locally common issues. With this information, you can solve the sewer issue before it becomes a problem for your business. We also offer storm drain and catch basin cleaning to help with your parking areas, walkways, and other drainage issues.

Oregon Cure-In-Place Pipe Lining

Apollo’s innovative trenchless pipe lining and pipe bursting services saves businesses thousands of dollars in repair costs. CIPP lining dramatically extend the life of the sewer lines by applying an epoxy lining to the interior of a weakened or damaged pipe, which strengthens the pipe walls and lasts an additional 50 years. Pipe bursting removes and replaces buried sewer lines without the need to dig a surface trench through the property. If your sewer line runs beneath paved areas, pipe lining and pipe bursting can be the difference between a simple one- or two-day repair process or weeks of excavation, installation, backfilling, and repaving. For many area businesses, trenchless sewer repair is the best option.

For low-impact, affordable commercial drain and sewer solutions, Apollo Plumbing Services is your reliable local provider. Our expert technicians understand that unique needs of business owners in Tigard, OR and work diligently to ensure top quality results with a minimum impact. We can help with all your commercial sewer needs. Call us today!


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