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Apollo Plumbing Service is proud to serve the drain cleaning needs of every resident and business owner in Tigard, Oregon with our state-of-the-art hydro jetting technology. We can quickly, thoroughly, and safely remove clogs and buildup with just water to give you real results without endangering your family, customer, or the environment.

Emergency Drain Cleaning

Often homeowners and business owners wait until a drain has developed a backup or severely slow waste flow before calling for drain cleaning. If you’re dealing with an urgent drain problem in Tigard, OR, Apollo is available for emergency drain cleaning whenever you need us, even after hours and on weekends. We understand that you need your sanitation and cooking facilities, and we’ll get to you as quickly as possible so that we can remove the blockage and get your drains flowing again immediately. Our modern technology clears away any clog safely and effectively for guaranteed results.

Preventative Drain Cleaning Services

To prevent drain emergencies, we also offer preventive drain cleaning services for residents, businesses, and city sewer needs. We can perform a thorough cleaning on a regular schedule to remove accumulated waste and paper products, sediment, mineral buildup and tree roots that have worked their way around joints. Our technology completely removes drain debris to restore your sewer flow to optimum capacity and put an end to recurring clogs and standing water. Better performance equals fewer drain problems to disrupt your daily activities and cost you money in frequent service calls.

Hydro Jetting in Tigard, OR

Apollo’s superior drain cleaning service is completed using innovative hydro jetting technology, a powerful system that uses pressurized water to break apart drain build-up, roots, and clogs without damage to the surrounding pipes. It also effectively cleans away biological waste, bacteria, grease, and insect larvae to restore pipes to more sanitary condition. This method has proven to be the most effective technology for safely and completely removing deposits and restoring full drain capacity. It’s also environmentally-safe, using only clean water with no chemical additives so that there is no risk of water contamination or pipe corrosion.

The drain cleaning process begins with a sewer camera inspection to evaluate the conditions inside the pipe and determine the specifications needed to properly calibrate the hydro jetting system’s force for effective cleaning. Once we have a complete understanding of the situation, we insert the hydro jetting tool into the drain through a built-in drain cleanout port. The tool’s primary feature is a highly-engineered nozzle with outward-facing jets in a complete sphere around its surface. These jets spray at an adjustable force that can exceed 4000 psi, a strength powerful enough to obliterate thick layers of sediment and heavy tree roots that have penetrated the pipe.

Apollo’s expert technician maneuvers the nozzle through the sewer line, directing the water into every corner and crevice to ensure that the drain is fully cleaned in a safe, non-destructive manner. Once the drain line is clear, we’ll inspect again to make sure that the results are satisfactory and check for any hidden signs of damage that were revealed during the process so that you can address them if needed.

For safe, effective, environmentally-friendly drain cleaning service in Tigard, Oregon, you can count on Apollo Plumbing Service. We specialize in reliable technology that provides real results for complete customer satisfaction every time. Call today to discuss your options and schedule.


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