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If you want to enter your Tigard, Oregon sewer repair project with confidence that you’re receiving superior service and premium results, you can get the knowledge you need with Apollo Plumbing Service’s sewer camera inspection. Our advanced technology collects real-time, HD video footage that reveals sewer damage, ensuring that every repair you schedule with Apollo is a success. Sewer Camera Inspection Benefits

Sewer camera inspection benefits both you and your Apollo service team with real-time video and instant knowledge. For you, our service provides you with real peace-of-mind that you understand what’s happening in your drain lines so that you’ll always feel comfortable that you’re receiving the best value for your sewer repair dollars when you choose Apollo. Camera inspection provides your service team with the knowledge they need to quickly and accurately diagnose problems for a faster repair process and more satisfied customers. Everyone wins with a fast and affordable sewer camera inspection.

How Trenchless Camera Inspections Work

Apollo’s sewer camera inspection technology combines a high-definition, waterproof camera with a lightning-fast fiber optics cable to create a system that allows real-time visual inspection of the interior of pipes no matter where they are. The camera reaches hundreds of feet into a sewer line, revealing leaks, corrosion, seismic stress fractures, and tree root problems while the pipe is still buried in the yard. The video is viewed instantly while it’s recorded, so our inspection team can identify issues and inspect more closely, when needed. The camera is highly maneuverable, allowing complete inspection no matter how complex your sewer system is.

In Tigard, camera inspection is most valuable as a sewer repair prevention tool. Apollo offers regularly scheduled service to check for micro-fissures caused by nearby seismic and volcanic activity, along with other common problems such as tree root balls and corrosion. Once started, these issues quickly progress until the pipe deteriorates and collapses, causing thousands of dollars in sewer damage. However, when detected early, fast, easy, and cost-effective solutions such as pipe lining can save the pipe and prevent additional damage. A sewer camera inspection by our skilled technician will spot these problems while there’s still time for correction.

Using Camera Inspections to Diagnose Sewer Problems

If a repair is necessary, sewer camera inspection is an important way that Apollo reduces repair costs for our customers. The inspection allows our team to locate precisely where the repair is needed, which reduces the length of the repair time and prevents unnecessary expense. Camera inspection also helps guide the tools and materials used in trenchless sewer repair methods, which are proven to save thousands of dollars in repairs costs for most customers. Our camera inspection tool turns the costly, arduous sewer repair process into an efficient, cost-effective process with much less impact on your daily activities.

For the best sewer camera technology in Tigard, OR savvy residents and businesses rely on Apollo Plumbing Service. Sewer repair is our specialty, and we’ve invested in the technology to do it right. Your satisfaction is always our primary goal. Call today to schedule your inspection!


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