Rob did an excellent job and was good about calling us with updates. He was a pleasure to work with.

- Amber, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Portland, OR

Rob did a great job and was requested by one of our customers to come back out and handle another issue they were having.

- CTL Management, Portland, OR

Lonny did an excellent job! His work was exceptional.

- Victoria, Princeton Properties, Portland, OR

Lonny was not only able to snake out our clogged bathtub but he completely cleaned the tub of all the debris. He went above and beyond to help us.

- Pat, Interwest Properties, Portland, OR

Austin and his crew were very professional and great to work with. We would definitely use Apollo again.

- Judy, Homeserve, Lake Oswego, OR

Nick was very professional and did a great job. We were extremely happy with his work.

- Leland, Portland Homes, Portland, OR

Shawna was very polite and professional. She went above and beyond to make sure we could get on the schedule on the day we needed Apollo. Lonny was very patient and determined to help us with our shower. He did an excellent job taking care of our issue.

- Interwest Properties, Portland, OR

Nick was very professional, helpful and knowledgeable in helping to solve our problem. Nick did an excellent job.

- Michael, State Farm, Beaverton, OR

Lonny was very knowledgeable and went above and went above and beyond to help us. We were extremely impressed with Lonny.

- Kristin B., Trilium Properties, Portland, OR

Landon is a Super Hero! He saved the day and was willing to take a job across town when no other plumbing company would.

- Columbia Construction, Tualatin, OR

Landon is wonderful and did a great job at our tenant’s home. She is very hard to please and said she would love to have Landon come work at her home again.

- Johanna, Pacific Capital, Beaverton, OR

Great experience with Angel, he was very professional and accommodating.

- Round Table Pizza, Vancouver, WA

Adam was very professional and informed. He answered all of our questions.

- Apartment Pro, Portland

Rob did a great job. We will be requesting him to come back to handle other jobs.

- CTL Management, Portland

Rudy was very professional, clean and knowledgeable. We will be recommending Apollo to our friends and family.

- Halsey Automotive, Portland

I am writing this response today in regards to a service that was provided by Apollo Drain & Plumbing. We discovered that we had a severe problem with our parking lot. As cars would drive over a certain area we noticed that the pavement would start to give. Upon further investigation, we had discovered a large area of the parking lot was ready to give out which appeared to be a large sinkhole in the making. So we called Apollo Drain & Plumbing who came out immediately, and assessed the situation. Within a matter of a few days they had the parking lot dug out and started to address the issues. Apparently, we had a very large leak in some underground piping that had gone undetected for quite some time. As you can imagine this was a very large undertaking. I was very impressed by the knowledge, and skill they demonstrated in a very timely matter.

"Problem Resolved" I would recommend Apollo Drain & Plumbing to anyone. Thank you Apollo Drain & Plumbing.

- Jay Marquess, ADESA Portland-Auto & Truck Collision Repair

Adam is AWESOME!! He handled our job with kid gloves and was extremely thorough. David was very professional and helpful with scheduling the job.

- Dave & Busters

We really liked Rob and his work. We will be requesting to have Rob come back and handle another one of our plumbing needs.

- CTL Management

Lowell was a great tech to work with.

- Income Property

Julie is amazing and very helpful.

- Red Robin

Brandon B. was very nice, knowledgeable and a gentleman.

- Schwartzenberger

Darlene is very professional and explains things clearly.

- Action Management

Darlene is a gem of a person, she took a complicated situation and made it so we could understand what was going on. She was very professional.

- Helenas Court Apts

Apollo Drain and Rooter Service has provided my company with excellent service for the last ten years.

Apollo Drain is a company that offers a very knowledgeable staff and has been able to handle all of our drain and plumbing needs in a very timely manner. They have hydro et and video inspection equipment available and can handle any plumbing need. I can confidently recommend Apollo Drain and Plumbing as a solid and reliable service provider.

Apollo Drain has proven to be very competitive in price. The personal attention that is given to our account makes working with Apollo a pleasure every time.

-  Steve Goss, Azteca Mexican Restaurants

Apollo Drain did a GREAT job on jetting out the storm drain lines at our warehouse. Lonny Maxwell has done an excellent job helping us figure out the storm drain runs and helped us clear them up. Thank you for the fast response time and ensuring the job got done properly.

-  Spencer Ingrim, Assistant Real Estate Manager, Elliot Associates

I want to compliment Lonny on the job he did for me. He was thorough, efficient, professional & easy to work with. You can't always expect those characteristics in service techs today.

- Darle, Van Beek & Co.

Apollo Drain always does fantastic work. The crew is very thorough and clean up so well after the work is done. It's like they were never here!

-  Julia S., HR Manager, Pride Disposal Company

Apollo Drain is fantastic. I needed sewer excavation work and they were the lowest of 4 bids. Owner Scott is fantastic to work with. They know me well and are always a joy to work with.

-  Noëlle M., Broker/Keller Willams

We are a Wendy’s Restaurant franchise in Vancouver, Washington and I want to personally thank Apollo for invaluable and excellent service to our restaurants over the last several years. We have used Scott’s company after failing miserably with Apollo’s many competitors. We tried every one before discovering the extraordinary service we enjoy from Apollo. The team is prompt, well trained, very fair, and has taken excellent care of our four Wendy’s. When it comes to emergency service, the Apollo guys are at our restaurants within minutes it seems. You can trust that Apollo will never over charge for the services he provides. This is certainly not true of his competitors. We never knew what was fair or not with drain cleaning/jetting, etc. It always seemed every time we tried some one else, the rates always changed & were higher than the bid or agreed upon pre-inspection amount quoted. Not with Apollo! Honest charges from honest people! Thank you Apollo for four years of service to Wendy’s. We look forward to many more.

Rich LeBle’, Owner/President, JorCody Restaurants Inc.


The Old Spaghetti Factory has partnered with Apollo Drain and Rooter Services, Inc. for (4) years. Apollo Drain has quickly and efficiently worked with the Old Spaghetti Factory on projects that entailed excavations to a leaky faucet. With each service call-out we know that Apollo Drain will spec the right materials to suit the job and take care of the problem in a quick and cost effective manner. They have worked around the clock on projects that require after-hours attention and made timelines time after time. The staff and owner of Apollo Drain have always made the customer their number one focus. I have used Apollo Drain for commercial and residential projects with no worries. I can recommend them for your complete plumbing needs.

Maury A. Wickman, OSF Corporate Facilities


I would like to give an account of the level of service we count on from Apollo Drain. If I call for an emergency repair : we normally have someone on there way in less than 1 hour. We normally get a service person that understands the sensitive environment that the repair is located. If it is a general repair (not emergency) we normally see the service person within 4 hours or less. We have a few contracts with Apollo that are quarterly intervals and they let me know when they are due. When Apollo comes in and cleans our kitchen drains, he does not need any assistance from our staff. Normally we escort the service person to the drain and do not have to assist them in any way. I am happy that they are in our building.

Steven M. Parr, Chief Engineer, Kaiser Permanente


I want to say Thank You for the great work you all did on my job. I have already talked to two of my three neighbors (who will have hookups eventually themselves when the city closes their portion of the sewer party line) and praised Apollo up and down. Put me down as a very happy and completely satisfied customer… Can you tell me the names of the great guys who were on my job? I only knew Brandon by name, but I would like to send a little appreciation note to them (maybe a small gift certificate to Domino’s!) They really are good at what they do and reflect really well on Scott and the company. Great thanks to Scott for helping out a very stressed (and kind of scared) customer and to you, Apollo, for taking all my calls! Please feel free to share these comments of mine with Angie’s List or other future customers :-)

Michael Sweney


Just thought I would drop a note and say thank you again! My folks at 405 NE 57th just loved your guy, and after the big fiasco with the plumber used by the other agent, I think the “other” agent will be calling on you folks from now on too ;0) You just did another job for some clients on NE 8th street, a triplex, with Jason and Nathan, and they were as always just wonderful!! So I wanted to tell you thanks again for believing in an honest days work and pay, ad having great service to boot. I recommend you to all our clients, and have won over several converts. Take care and God bless.

Susan Maag


Apollo Drain!!! They did two for me in last two weeks and did great (!) and were the low bidder of 4 bids. Owner Scott, excavation bid by Brandon. They know me well now and I’d love you to say I referred them. Due to a closing they worked until 8pm one night!

Nikki Campbell


Highly recommend this company for commercial use. Their techs are very accommodating, and the way they run their business is service oriented. Even the Owner is nice… what are the odds! I think you can tell more about a business when you have an issue. My first experience had some frustrations and I was very impressed how it was handled. The Owner, Scott, immediately called me and his first concern was about me, the customer. We resolved it quickly and left on very good terms. So much so, I invited him & his wife out for Dinner at my Restaurant. (Still waiting for him to visit!) Since it was resolved quickly, when I had the main water line break to my restaurant, we called Apollo. It was fixed quickly with his Team – Keith did a great job & stayed in communication with me during the entire process. They got us back up & running before the Lunch hour and did a very professional job to ensure that everything got put back to normal, even the patch in the parking lot. So, if you need a great plumbing outfit, I highly recommend this company.

Mark M., Owner, Beaches Restaurant & Bar


I would like to confirm that Apollo Drain and Rooter Service has provided my Company with excellent service for the last ten years. Apollo Drain is a company that offers a very knowledgeable staff and has been able to handle all of our drain and plumbing needs in a very timely manner. They have hydro jet and video inspection equipment available and can handle any plumbing need. I can confidently recommend Apollo Drain and Plumbing as a solid and reliable service provider. Lastly, during this time of economic downturn, Apollo Drain has proven to be very competitive in price. Their personal attention that is given to our account makes working with Apollo a pleasure every time.

Steve Goss, Azteca


We have used Apollo Drain for the past seven years, they have assisted when we have sanitation line clogs 24/7, responding to our emergencies within a reasonable time. Apollo does do our grease trap & drain line maintenance in the main kitchen. They are very dependable. If you have any questions please give us a call. I would recommend Apollo to any company because of their excellent customer service values.

William M. Bergin, Position Lead Engineer, Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center


Schaeffer & Associates, LLC is a real estate property management company specializing in apartment complexes and small office buildings. I have been using Apollo Drain and Rooter Service for seven (7) years. I originally called them because I had an emergency and they were the only company that responded quickly and solved the problem. I have relied on Apollo to do minor and major plumbing jobs where excavation and sloping terrain have been involved. They do excellent work with the minimum of disruption to tenants. I normally bid my larger plumbing jobs and Apollo is always the most competitive. I have never had to call them back on a job. I recommend Apollo to anyone with residential or commercial plumbing, drain, or excavation needs. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Michael R. Schaeffer


McDonald’s, Double “K” Ventures Inc. has had the opportunity to work with Apollo Drain and Plumbing and also inspect their work on numerous occasions in the past. The workmanship, scheduling, productivity, attention to detail and final product have always been excellent and second to none. I would recommend Apollo Drain and Plumbing to companies that have similar restaurant buildings needs.”

Carla Bowman, Contract Manager