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CIPP Cutting

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At Apollo Drain & Rooter Service, we offer pipeline cutting options for effectively removing portions of pipelines. To achieve this safely and without extensive excavation, we have cured-in-place (CIPP) robotic cutting services. Our technology and equipment are among some of the most advanced in the industry, and we are proud to offer our services to customers residing in both Oregon and Washington.

CIPP Robotic Cutting

CIPP robotic cutting carves out service connections after CIPP installation. A CIPP robotic cutter travels down passages that are too small or dangerous to enter. This equipment is outfitted with video cameras and blades, allowing our technicians to carefully navigate and control the robots as they provide full functionality to the newly installed pipes.

CIPP robotic cutting is the best way to reinstate the lateral or service connections in a newly formed CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) system. Robot cutters allow technicians to access the new pipe without needing to dig or create destruction on properties.

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How Does CIPP Lining Work?

CIPP lining is designed to provide in-place repairs of the inside of your pipes by applying a flexible lining that hardens quickly, providing a new level of support for your failing pipes. This seamless technology reduces the incidence of weak points and protects you from leaks.

One of the biggest benefits of CIPP is that it can be applied without the need to dig up your pipes. This innovative solution utilizes existing plumbing and drains in order to insert the lining that essentially creates a brand new pipe in just hours. There is no need to destroy your floor or yard and is the most ideal alternative to total pipe replacement. CIPP lining is applied using the following steps:

  1. First, your pipes will be examined by our technicians using a sewer camera that is pushed down the length of the pipe and transmits a video back to a monitor. The purpose of the examination is to determine the condition of your pipes and identify any areas that require lining, such as regions that exhibit corrosion or weak joints.

  2. Once your pipes have been fully examined, our technicians will determine the best course of action to bring your pipes into proper working order. If your pipes require cleaning before application of the lining, we will use one of our range of efficient methods to ensure that debris and other material are clear.

  3. If CIPP lining is the ideal option to fix your pipes, we will start by preparing a lining that suits the length and width of your pipes. We then insert it through the same access point we used to perform the inspection, inserting the liner without the need for excavation.

  4. Once the liner is in place, we then invert it using either hot air or water. This process allows the application of epoxy resin to the inside which serves to cover corrosion and fill any cracks that may be present. Resin is cured by heat, steam or light and in just a few hours has completely hardened.

  5. Once the liner is installed, it is time for the finishing touches. The resin cures smoothly which allows us to use robotic cutters that move throughout the pipes and connections. This cuts the liner and allows us to perform smoothing, taking care to ensure proper connections so that waste can move freely through the pipes.

The main draw of CIPP lining is that it lasts for decades – up to 50 years or more. This efficient and economic process is a convenient way to repair pipes in place, removing the need for costly excavation. All manner of holes and cracks can be fixed using CIPP lining, and with the ability to stop water flow as the pipes are hardening, your system remains safe and free from damage. Our robotic cutters allow us to properly restore water flow to ensure smooth and efficient waste removal.

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Apollo Drain & Rooter Service is certified to install CIPP trenchless systems. Our technicians have the training and experience that ensure the job is done right. CIPP lining relies on different technologies that require knowledge and skill to be deployed, as well as equipment and systems to be completely effective. Our Schwalm Robots are part of this process and improve the efficiency of our work.

Schwalm Robot

Apollo Drain utilizes Schwalm Robot, a state-of-the-art, high-speed method of trimming and cutting intruding lateral connections within your sewer line. It’s a gentle, non-destructive technique that grinds clay tile, PVC pipe, concrete, or cast-iron pipes. It’s an effective and soft method of pipe removal can prevent fractures and splitting of the lateral pipe, saving the extensive amount of time and money that can go into repairing these damages.

Schwalm Robots Offer Control

Schwalm robots provide a wide range of features that provide a level of control that keeps your project precise and safe. From adjusting the powerful LED lighting, an adjustable arm that moves both vertically, horizontally, and a tool holder that rotates 360 degrees, this diversity of motion makes hard to reach areas accessible and manageable for our experts.

We can determine if we need to adjust the light or rotate the grinder with the camera that can pan up and down. In addition, it also features an adjustable focus and a self-cleaning lens so that we always have a clear view of the pipes. The low center of gravity and substantial weight keeps the robot secure and stable in the sewer so additional methods don’t need to be taken to secure it, and can tilt 45 degrees in either direction without tipping over.

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Versatility for Even the Most Delicate Project

With the Schwalm Robot, Apollo Drain & Rooter Service can take on a variety of projects only using one manhole for access. The robotic cutting and grinding features include:

  • Self-propelled cutter
  • Powerful grinding and cutting tool
  • Fast CIPP reinstatement service
  • Includes chisel for removing concrete in pipelines
  • Inserts and removes mechanical plugs into lateral pipes
  • 360-degree cutting function
  • Cuts through CIPP lifts or turn-backs
  • Removes resin sludge out of lateral lines

Your Robotic Cutting Experts

If you have a project that requires a gentle, expert approach, contact Apollo Drain & Rooter Service today. We are your CIPP certified expert technicians in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington areas, and our work is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and produce excellent and affordable results. Call us today!

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