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Our staff of professionals at Apollo Plumbing Service has been in the industry for over 20 years, and this presence in the field has allowed us to innovate our technology and services. Our continued efforts have made it possible for us to conduct repairs and replacements of pipe and sewer systems without digging trenches or demolishing walls and floors in homes and businesses. This streamlined process of work increases our efficiency and encourages long-lasting results that are affordable for all of our customers in Oregon and Washington.

CIPP Reinstatements

CIPP reinstatements restore connections to pipes that branch off from mains repaired by CIPP. CIPP works by lining damaged pipes with a flexible material that hardens into place. After a CIPP repair, the lateral connections of the pipe are covered until technicians can re-establish them with a cutter. The technology for trenchless pipe repairs has been gaining traction and popularity for many years because it allows our specialists to fix pipes without digging trenches, making it a more favorable solution for home and business owners alike.

The Challenge of CIPP Reinstatements

When cured-in-place pipe lining was first introduced, the initial challenge was determining how to reinstate connections to the main pipe while avoiding excavation and destruction of properties. The solution was found through the same principles that make CIPP lining successful. Our liner is inserted into a damaged pipe through a clean-out or manhole. The liner is expanded with air or water to fill the existing pipe. The liner seals off connections and makes them temporarily inaccessible. We make them accessible through the assistance of our robotic cutters. Robotic cutters are the most efficient way to reinstate lateral service lines to a CIPP pipe. By sending robotic cutters into the pipe, technicians can restore the service connections without excavation.

Before the robots get to work, the pipe has to cure. In many cases, CIPP takes just 3-4 hours to harden. Finding and cutting through to the connections requires precise measurements to ensure that no imprecise cuts are made. If a pipe has many branches, reinstating the connections could take longer than the CIPP installation. However, the entire process is quick compared to digging up and replacing a pipe.

How We Reinstate Pipes

The robotic cutters are fitted with video cameras and blades. As the robot makes its way down the pipe, the technician watches the video on a monitor. The robot may be sent into the pipe to measure and mark connections before the CIPP liner is installed and again after the pipe is cured. This helps our work be precise and avoid problems of any kind.

Accurate measurements ensure the technician knows where to cut through the finished CIPP. When the robot reaches a lateral connection, the technician operates the cutters to open the connection. High-speed rotary blades make a rough cut at the center of the connection. Another type of attachment may then be used to finish the opening. Video footage, contemporary technology, and a skilled technician ensure that the cuts are accurate. In addition to reinstating pipelines, our team is trained in other, various trenchless repair techniques that help the repair process go more smoothly, including:

  • Line Locating
  • Line Boring

Line Locating

Apollo Plumbing Service takes the guesswork out of sewer repairs with our special video camera systems that inspect pipes from 1.5 to 36 inches in diameter. We can record and share the live inspection video and audio footage with customers instantly through electronic invoicing, making it a paperless process that is easier to keep track of as well.

With our state-of-the-art line detection equipment, we can locate underground sewer line paths without expensive and sometimes disruptive digging. We use this technology to help locate leaks in water mains that may be causing a suspicious rise in your water bill. This line detection equipment utilizes sonar-based technology, giving our technicians a clear view of the situation.

Our technicians are trained and certified to provide a homeowner or business with the same quality and specifications required by the city of Portland when doing video inspection work for the city or state. We can pinpoint your problem and recommend the most cost-effective solution, and this can inform our decisions to repair or replace pipes and offer the best solution possible. Offered at an affordable price, we make sure that our customers are informed about the condition of their pipes so that they aren’t surprised by any problems later on.

Line Boring

Line boring is the process in which our expert technicians at Apollo Plumbing Service can replace a damaged or failed water service line, sanitary sewer line, or storm sewer line in your home or business. Depending on the job, we can use our trenchless technology to avoid landscaping or hardscaping like driveways. This avoids full-scale excavations – saving our customers time and money by avoiding extensive collateral damage.

The type of boring equipment we use is dependent on various factors, such as the soil, the level of the groundwater, and the type of pipeline material being drilled through, among other things. We prioritize careful, meaningful work, and we make sure that when we decide on a solution process that it will be reliable and completely resolve the problem that our customers are facing. The line boring process is especially effective for installing new sewer systems and water lines, as well as rerouting water lines if necessary. We offer free quotes for line boring jobs and are proud to be able to assist our customers with their needs.

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