What is Tree Root Invasion and how does it Damage Your Pipes?

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When residential and commercial customers think about pipe damage, they often envision stubborn clogs, gritty buildup, and destructive corrosion. What they don’t think about is tree root invasion. In the Pacific Northwest, tree roots can cause extensive deterioration to underground water lines and sewer pipes. Fortunately, Apollo Plumbing Service, Inc. has leading solutions to remove invasive tree roots and restore functionality to Portland area pipes.

How Tree Roots Cause Damage to Portland, Oregon Pipes

Tree roots are attracted to water, so if your pipes are leaking even the smallest amounts of fluid into the soil, tree roots will grow toward it. As the roots grow, they can aggressively invade your pipes and drains. The roots can break apart pipe joints, create cracks, and cause other invasive damage. That damage can cause leaks, low water pressure, unexpectedly high water bills, and other issues for your home or office. Left unrepaired, a small plumbing issue can quickly escalate into a major and time-consuming problem.

What to Do if You Suspect Tree Root Invasion

If your home or business is experiencing the symptoms of tree root invasion, call Apollo Plumbing Service, Inc. right away. Our knowledgeable technicians can use an innovative high definition camera to quickly locate tree roots inside your pipes. Then, we can insert a specialized hydro jetting hose into your pipes, send pressurized water into the pipeline, and scour away the tree roots and other blockages. With the pipes completely cleaned out, our skilled experts can use trenchless repair solutions to strengthen and rehabilitate your pipes. From inspection through repair, the entire process can be completed efficiently, non-invasively, and professionally.

Contact Apollo Plumbing Service, Inc. for Your Tree Root Removal Needs

Don’t let invading tree roots destroy your pipes. Rely on the talented team at Apollo Plumbing Service, Inc. for high-quality pipe inspection, cleaning, and repair solutions. Give our local team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment or to learn more

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