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Stand with Apollo Drain and Support Clackamas Kids!

Yes-for-Clackamas-KidsAt Apollo Drain, we believe that the good we can do goes beyond fixing your plumbing. In fact, we stand with our community’s most vulnerable members – it’s children.

That’s why we are supporting the Clackamas County Children’s Safety Levy – Measure 3-564. For less than $4 a month (for the average homeowner), you can help us, too.

Vote YES on the Children’s Safety Levy

When you choose a YES vote on Measure 3-564, you are choosing to put money in the hands of local nonprofits that have proven themselves trustworthy. They will use the money to begin, advance, and continue programs for kids that are proven to work.

Their reach extends to the 2,000 children in the community who have suffered abuse or neglect and will also reach kids who have been victims of violence.

A little bit of money goes a long way! If the Children’s Safety Levy passes, these nonprofits will be able to double the number of kids they can help. Join us today to help children heal and to help kids in our community live better lives.

Help Kids Without Leaving Home!

With the coronavirus pandemic in full swing and the country reeling from lost jobs and lost productivity, most of us want to reach out and help our neighbors when we can. However, public safety measures have made this hard.

The Children’s Safety Levy is a safe way to help the kids in our community. By voting for the Levy, we are funding the exact programs that vulnerable children need to protect them from the world’s trouble.

At Apollo Drain, we want to make every life we touch better. This measure gives us an even greater chance to help our community grow in strength and overall well-being. Stand with us when you vote this fall!

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